Wildlife Management

Forests and woodlands provide important habitats for a wide range of wildlife including mammals, birds, reptiles, and many rare flora. See Conservation and Creation of Habitats

Fountains Forestry is experienced in the management and protection of wildlife. We work closely with government bodies such as Natural England and Scottish Natural Heritage, to ensure that woodlands are protected from damage and wildlife populations are effectively managed. 

During all planning and operational activity, our forest managers aim to prevent the disturbance of sensitive species, such as badgers and birds of prey, and help to promote their long-term health and survival.

Certain mammal species such as roe deer, rabbits and grey squirrels have healthy populations nationwide and no longer have any natural predators such as wolves and lynx. Therefore, as in agriculture, they require a level of control in order that we can grow viable crops of food and timber. Although deer fencing and tree-guarding make a useful contribution, deer management can be vital to the successful establishment of young crops and our full-time Forest Rangers are available to assess deer numbers and the risks they pose. They can guide forest owners and sporting tenants on how best to achieve the required results and if necessary will undertake appropriate culls to optimise deer populations which are sustainable and in harmony with the objectives of forest ownership.

Similarly, the grey squirrel, which is non-native, requires control if young broadleaf trees are to be able to grow successfully. Our forest managers manage this activity, using authorised and humane control methods. Conversely, in consultation with the Forestry Commission and Scottish Natural Heriteg (SNH), we regularly plant areas within owners’ forests with tree species such as Norway Spruce, in order to encourage the expansion of red squirrel populations. 



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