Licensed Drone Services

Over the last few years, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), commonly known as ‘drones’ have become an invaluable part of the tool kit available to forest managers. This is because they can collect photographic and other forms of data from forests, flexibly, quickly and at a relatively low price. Through this capability, drones can both improve upon, and fill gaps in the data commonly available through satellite remote sensing (eg Google Earth) or through more expensive surveys by manned aircraft.

In particular, rotary winged drones (such as our own) are very stable platforms, which means that high resolution photographic (as well as infra red etc) images can be collected. This enables accurate measurement of both crop and ground conditions to be carried out. At the same time, ‘fly-over’ videos of forests are visually stunning and can be powerful marketing aids, as well as giving forest owners a clear overview of their forest assets – from the comfort of a desk or armchair!

Range of Drone Services

Fountains Forestry offers a range of drone services to both forest owners and to outside clients.

We have a fully qualified drone pilot and an approved Operating Manual licensed under the Civil Aviation Authority regulations (Permission for Commercial Operation – PfCO), as well as full insurance. Therefore, we are able to offer the following services to external clients:

Forest acquisition surveys & promotional filming: for prospective buyers or agents

Surveys of forestry operations eg timber harvesting, road construction & drainage

Site condition surveys, which can be oblique videos/still photography or vertical geo-rectified aerial photographs for use in GIS mapping systems eg:

  • Ground condition and Crop surveys (Site vegetation and species mapping)
  • Tree health and condition studies, and monitoring
  • Wind throw surveys (for management and insurance uses)

If you are interested in commissioning a drone video, photography or survey, for any purpose related to forestry, please contact Andrew Clark at our Stirling office Tel 07876 556516 (andrew.clark@fountainsforestry.co.uk) or our Inverness Office, Tel 01463 731393.


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